"100 Pre-Written Internet Marketing Emails in 12 Different Email Campaigns"

Have you been struggling to get your email campaign written because you just don't know what to write?

From the Desk of Chareen Goodman, Business Coach and Consultant

  • Are you struggling to write your internet marketing niche email campaign?
  • Does your mind go blank when you sit down to write an email, let alone a 20-email autoresponder campaign?
  • Would it make a difference in your business if you had 20-30 emails in your autoresponder campaign, queued up and regularly going out and making you money as new subscribers come in?
  • Would it be helpful to you if you had over 100 emails in multiple email campaigns to study through and copy, and to use in your own email campaigns?
  • Would it make it easier to sit down in an afternoon and write your email campaign?

If so, you are going to love this offer.

Here it is, in a nutshell:

I've gone into my hard-drive and extracted out 12 different email campaigns with a total of 100 emails and converted them to Word and PDF and have put them all in one handy zip file so you can access them easily for you own email marketing campaigns.

There is literally a treasure trove of hot email messages in these files for the complete beginner to the more advanced email marketer.

These files are where I go when I am creating a new email sequence - I rarely write new email sequences from scratch.

And you can use these as master files for lots of email ideas, how to structure your emails, what to write about, and so on.

100+ 'Plug-N-Play' Email Marketing Messages!

Your complete "fill in the blank" autoresponder series that you can use for ALL your internet marketing lists and is geared toward the main areas of your online business!

So what is the cost for this incredible package of pre-written email campaigns?

This package typically goes for $197, but...

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You'll have INSTANT AutoResponder campaigns for your subscribers, customers, affiliates and more!

It’s incredibly essential that you follow up with all of the people who show interest in your business or product offering to ensure that you gain maximum profit potential from them.

That’s the whole point of list building! You build a relationship with your customers, subscribers and affiliates so that they listen and trust what you have to say in the future.

Until now this has been a true pain and has required tons of writing and maintenance, but the good news is all the work has been done for you with our 100 AutoResponder (follow up) marketing emails.

Just plug in the messages for whatever area of your business that you need messages for, customize to fit your specific offer and you’re ready to go!

This massive content package covers the entire spectrum of online business...

Here's What You'll Get:

  • You get 100 full AutoResponder Email Messages - spread across 12 email marketing campaigns for your online business. Just grab the email series you need and you're off to the races!
  • Completely Pre-Written by a Pro Copywriter - You don't have to hire a pro copywriter or write them yourself! We've already done that for you saving you that huge expense!
  • 100% Plug 'N Play - Just pick the autoresponder sequence you need for any aspect of your marketing process, customize it to fit your business and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional follow up system!
  • Super-Fast Implementation - You select the sequence that's right for the function of your business that you need messages for and plug them into your autoresponder! Nothing could be any easier!
  • Get Results Fast - These messages are designed to boost your profits with a simple, proven way to get results without all the work.
  • Fully customizable with "easy tokens" that show you where to enter your name, product offer, website address and more!

Here Are The 12 AutoResponder Marketing Series You Can Choose From:

  • The Email Welcome Sequence
  • The Audience Engagement Email Sequence
  • The Easy Segmentation Email Sequence
  • The Direct Pitch-Direct Response Email Sequence

The Beginners Getting Started Fill-In-The-Blanks Series

  • People Who Signed Up For Your Newsletter
  • People Who Bought Your eBook
  • People Who Signed Up For Your Free Report
  • People Who Downloaded Your Software 
  • People That Joined Your Membership Program 
  • People Who Have Bought Your Product
  • People Who Joined Your Affiliate Program 
  • People Who Signed Up For Your Marketing Course 

The More Advanced Subscriber Activity Series

Keep in mind that you can use these email messages in any way that you want...

If you want to mix & match email messages from each series, then by all means do so.

If you want to make one huge AutoResponder sequence that you load up and customize for your main list, go ahead and do that.

The possibilities are really endless here when you think about the fact that you have 100 AutoResponder messages already created for you!

Order Your Copy Of The 100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails Package Right Now At A Special Limited Discount Price...

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All sales of digital products are final.


4th of July Holiday Waitlist Special

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