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Our business coaching bridges the gaps so often experienced by small business owners who find themselves challenged when it comes to developing effective strategies and tactics that drive growth, profitability, and sustainaiblity for their business. With over 20+ years of experience, across industry sectors, we help you build lasting capabilities into your team and your organization. We offer creative solutions and execute winning strategies that create more value in your business.

Chareen Goodman Business Coach


Business coaching is the process of helping a company or business team achieve greater clarity, focus, and results. Business coaching takes place in a business setting and as opposed to being focused on an individual’s goals, the coaching is typically centered around the goals of the business as a whole and its overall success.

Regardless of the size of your business, whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a small business or a Fortune 500 company, business coaching is aimed at improving the performance of your people, which is ultimately tied to increasing the company’s growth, profitability, and sustainability.

As a business coach, my role is to offer clients objective and unbiased accountability that is tied to a designed plan for execution. During the coaching process, as we work together to execute the plan, you’ll learn from the outcomes, revise the plan and take further action to optimize and transform your business.

Who is Business Coaching For?

Business leaders see business coaching as a strategic initiative to improve their organization’s culture and be more successful.

Business coaching is for companies or organizations that want to invest in the growth and development of their people, which impacts the company’s growth and profitability. That said, business coaching is often sought to remedy a specific pain within the organization such as high worker turnover, decreased morale, employee burnout, poor communication, or decreased sales. All of these issues can be addressed with a well-designed development and coaching program.

The power behind business coaching is what helps you take your business from good to great!

Small Business Coaching

The difference between small business coaching and business coaching for large companies exists only in scale and complexity. Regardless of size, all companies have a financial motive for investing in business coaching. The major difference is that many small business owners will also rely on their business coaches for expert business advice and knowledge in addition to the coaching.

“Having Chareen as a business coach has shown me that all my dreams can come true but I have to be dedicated to putting in the work to make them transpire. Her listening ear, level of understanding, insight, and wisdom continues to make me appreciate the value of her coaching.”


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