Courageous Clarity

Hello, Courage Clarity Seeker!

One of the most courageous thing you can do for yourself is to get super clear about the life you desire to have.

So, if you are looking to find that type of clarity in your career, business or life, you are in the right place and for sure...
at the right time.

How Often Do You Find Yourself Thinking?

  • I’m trapped in this everyday grind of life and want to feel like myself again.
  • Life is happening so fast around me, I feel that at any moment I just may lose control.
  • I’m lacking real connection with people and technology just isn't the answer.
  • I can’t I say “no” without feeling like I'm going to lose an opportunity.
  • I'm wound so tight and feel I’ve got to control all that I can just to stay afloat.
  • Taking time to slow down and rest makes me anxious rather than happy.

Does Life Suck Because You Feel Stuck?

I'm sure you've noticed just how hard it is to move forward when you're feeling stuck and how doubly hard it is to know which direction to go in when you don't have the clarity to trust your decision.

You're not alone!

Many of people tend to cope with their lack of clarity or discomfort with uncertainty by pushing themselves faster, harder, or even more relentlessly than they really need to.

And most often, all they really need is a bit of guidance and support to find their courage to choose.

What's Your Experience Right Now?

  • Are you feeling stuck in a career or professional that just isn't meeting your dream or needs?
  • Are you trying to create a life by living in someone else's movie or based on other people’s thinking and values rather than your own?
  • Are you doing the "shoulda," "coulda," "woulda" dance with yourself?
  • Are you making up excuses for why you can’t have the career, business or life you dream about?
  • Are you being indecisive or procrastinating because you’re afraid of making the wrong decision?
  • Are you operating in fear and feeling overwhelmed instead of courageous?

Here's What You Need To Get Unstuck...

  • A truthful reflection of who you are and who you want to become.
  • An honest assessment of your strengths, skills, and values.
  • Clarity on what life looks like for you and what you need to do to build and create that life.
  • A picture of your life that inspires you and motivates you to take committed action to have.
  • Creative ways to explore and discover new career path and options.
  • Systems, strategies, and structures to make bold and confident decisions.
  • Supportive and objective partnership with a coach.

Without Clarity It Is Easy To Feel Stuck, Lost, Overwhelmed And Downright Frustrated!

After completing just a few working sessions, my level of confidence and capabilities amplified at a such an accelerated rate!

Tamila, Management Consultant

Courageous Clarity Starts With You

Courageous Clarity is designed to bring you into a space of greater alignment with what you desire for your best life.

This unique coaching intensive provides you with the opportunity to explore and discover those desires, fearlessly and with courage!

So Let Me Ask You...

  • Is there something that you're struggling with, and no matter how hard you try to go at it, you just can't seem to work through it on your own?
  • Could it be that you need help determining what is holding you back from doing what you know you should be doing, but you just can't seem to pinpoint the issue?
  • Or perhaps all you need to get unstuck is a kick-butt coaching conversation that doesn't allow you to play small any longer and gets you into a mindset of abundance thinking.

The Bottom Line Is This...

Whatever is holding you back, my Courageous Clarity Deep Dive Intensive will help.

I've designed this private 1:1 deep-dive coaching program to help you turn things around so that you can overcome the obstacle that is standing in your way.

It's time to hone in, so your can zone in because the reality is...

Staying Stuck, Well It Just Sucks!

It is time for you to take the bull by the horns and get yourself some courageous clarity!

My ultimate goal was to get clarity on where I was and what kind of decision I needed to make. And Chareen guided me through these questions and uncertainty and brilliantly helped me get the clarity that I needed.

Julien, Operations Manager


If so, here's the work we'll do together...

Coaching Session #1: Reflection

  • During this session we're going to work to figure out what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re great at and so much more!
  • Needless to say, a certain level of thinking got you to where you are today, and now it will take a new level of thinking to go from stuck to unstuck. Like Albert Einstein is quoted as saying... "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." We are going to level-up!
  • I’ll also offer you resources such as personalized exercises, worksheets, and assessments to help you to start thinking about where there’s a disconnect and which paths may suit your talents, skills and your unique way to play in order to enhance and strengthen the joy and happiness in your life.

Coaching Session #2: Exploration

  • Part of the journey to courageous clarity is mindset, and part of arriving to a point of clarity is in having a professional like me raise your awareness to options you don’t even realize are available to you.
  • Many people buy into the belief that they’re “stuck”, but the only thing that’s ever “stuck” is your own thinking and that's why we’ll explore your current mindset to assess where you can grow the most.
  • Having me as your coach means having someone consider the professional career and entrepreneurial paths that exist for you beyond your own awareness.
  • During this session, we will have a rich conversation about what which paths are possible for you, and based on your feedback, we will tailor our options down into a short list that you can pursue.

Coaching Session #3: Decision

  • Now that we’ve done an intense deep dive into who you are, your strengths, and the best options for you, you will make a decision and COMMIT to a path you’re excited about.
  • During this session, we'll discuss pulling it all together toward your desired goal and how to take the action steps necessary to cross the finish line.
  • There are no limits, and the biggest gift I can give you is the structure and support in helping you see options in places you don’t see them, and helping you to make a decision so that you can begin the implementation process for having and manifesting what you truly say you want.

And, Here's What Else You Get...

  • A PRE-PROGRAM WORKSHEET BUNDLE. These worksheets will help you assess the current pattern/block that has you stuck, identify where this block is stemming from, and help you formulate a plan of action for tackling the issue during your session.
  • PRE-SESSION WORKSHEET. Prior to each coaching call, you will use the worksheet to set an intention and focus for increased clarity and insight during our call.
  • CLARITY BUILDING EXERCISES. There will be a worksheet and/or checklist that goes along with each coaching session, which are designed to ensure you take action and gain the clarity you need prior to our calls.
  • THREE (3) 50-MINUTE DEEP DIVE CLARITY COACHING CALLS. These private 1:1 calls are designed to go deep to tackle the issue, get you to a place of massive clarity, and develop a plan of action to implement a new pattern of thinking for the change you want to make in your life.
  • POWER WEEK! A 5 DAY TAKE ACTION CHALLENGE. This is a week where you will get the opportunity to take massive action on the aha's and breakthroughs you've discover.
  • POST-SESSION WORKSHEET. After each coaching session, you will receive a post-session follow up worksheet to capture your insights and takeaways to help design the next steps you can take to move you forward with much more grace and ease.
  • A RECORDING OF EACH COACHING CALL. Each of your coaching calls will be recorded and sent to you for your own personal use. Use them to refer back to it as often as necessary to pull out and reflect on all of the juicy nuggets captured during our time together.
  • ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE CLIENT PORTAL. As part of the Courageous Clarity coaching program, you will have private access to the client portal >>MyCoachingSuccess<<. This portal allows for self-tracking throughout your coaching program. Access to the portal also serves as your accountability gauge to stay on track. It is also a place where you can journal your thoughts, send me messages, and share your insights, aha’s, challenges and wins.

The coaching was brief but most helpful. Discussion and practical tips helped me through a writing road block on a critical assignment.

Carol, Director of Global Ethics and Compliance

Who Is This For?

This coaching program is for high performing professionals and business leaders who find themselves stuck and need to break free with courageous clarity.


A payment plan is available upon request.


Hello, I am Chareen Goodman and I am known as The Leadership Mixologist™! As a Business Coach and Strategist, I help my clients become leaders in their marketplace, whatever that marketplace is for them. It is my belief that success in any capacity is a journey. So, whether you are on your entrepreneurial journey or your professional career trajectory, you deserve to have all the success you desire. Together, through my Courageous Clarity program, it is my mission, goal and passion to help you step into your leadership with clarity and power so you can achieve success at the level you want... and doing so on terms that make you happy. You get to call the shot! But first we must remove the stinkin'-thinkin', insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, or ANYTHING else that is getting in YOUR way of having MASSIVE success. So, let's do this!

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