Chareen is a detail-oriented business professional, a strategic thinker whose natural instincts and overall business acumen have served her well in leading her own business. Chareen’s qualifications in project management and superior communication skills put her at a considerable advantage in dissecting complex problems into their component pieces. Her integrity and drive are unquestionable. As a result, I wholeheartedly recommend her as a remarkable professional that can add value to your business if given the chance.

Chareen is the Principle Consultant at ChareenGoodman.com the Small Business Enterprise Arm of Elevate Worldwide Corporation. As a management consultant, business coach, and project management professional, Chareen offers strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services that assist growth-oriented small businesses in improving productivity and overall performance. She works with business owners whose desire is to get to the next level as well as those simply needing to get back on track. When it comes to solutions, Chareen doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all package to her clients. Instead, she meets you at your point of need, develops solutions to fit your business and stands by you throughout each stage of implementation.

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