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Let's discuss what you need to grow your business.

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We help business owners to profitably grow their businesses, make better decisions and increase the effectiveness of their key executives and teams for lasting sustainability.

We’re a small business enterprise management consultancy that specializes in providing leadership, management and organizational development solutions and operational improvement services to growth-oriented small businesses.

Our expertise centers on working with companies to improve their human perfermance, business operations and operational effectiveness. We do this through creative and innovative efforts that focus on alignment. We align people, processes, and projects to performance in ways that forward the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

The results are growth, profitability, and sustainable business performance for our clients.

Hi there, I’m Chareen Goodman, affectionately known as The Leadership Mixologist™! I’m also the Principle Consultant of ChareenGoodman.com, which is the small business enterprise arm of Elevate Worldwide Corporation.

With my 20+ years as a management consultant and certified project manager working with major Fortune 500 companies, I know that in order to succeed in today’s marketplace, leadership is the name of the game, and systems, strategies, and structure is how small businesses grow and prosper.

As a business coach and consultant, I help small business owners build and grow their business one goal at a time by taking them from their current state to their desired state with less overwhelm and more ease.

Remember, we are here to help you grow your business

Every business is unique, with their own unique set of problems that will require the experience, expertise and advice of a business coach and consultant at some point in their organizational live.

Small business owners work with me to grow their organization –  particularly when it comes to generating higher levels of profitability, creating high performing teams, and sustaining the business well into the future.

Every business has unique needs and goals.

Let's discover what yours are.

Click and book a complimentary call to discuss your specific needs.