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5 Types of Content You Should Be Posting to Build Your Authority Brand on LinkedIn

Amid the digital world of today (post-COVID), where professional networking is no longer confined to conference rooms and business cards, LinkedIn has emerged as the undisputed champion of online platforms, providing a unique opportunity for coaches and consultants to establish themselves as authorities in their respective niches. For coaches and consultants, LinkedIn offers a special...Read More

The Power of Authority Branding in Building Trust and Credibility

In the ultra competitive market of coaching and consulting, building trust and credibility is an absolute must do for coaches and consultants to succeed. One effective way to establish trust and credibility is through Authority branding. Yep, not just personal branding, but Authority branding. You see, Authority branding refers to the process of positioning yourself...Read More
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Zombie Clients: Reviving and Engaging Your Relationships With Coaching Clients

One of the most challenging situations you may encounter as a coach is dealing with “zombie clients” – those who have lost interest, engagement, or motivation in their coaching journey with you. As a coach, you may have encountered these enigmatic beings – clients who seem disengaged, unresponsive, or so stuck in their rut that...Read More
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Ghostwriters and Goblins: Taming Your Content Creation Challenges Using AI and Tools Like ChatGPT

Content creation is a crucial aspect of any business’s marketing strategy. From creating blog posts and social media updates to sending email newsletters and writing website copy. The demand for high-quality content is ever-growing. However, consistently producing engaging and informative content can be a daunting task for many coaches. This is where ghostwriters and goblins...Read More
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