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Maximizing Your Momentum: 5 Key Strategies to Propel Coaches and Consultants into the Next Quarter

Here are 5 things you can do to gain traction for the upcoming quarter. In today’s hyper moving world of coaching and consulting, coaches and consultants face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their time and resources effectively. With multiple clients, projects, and deadlines to juggle, without a doubt, it can become quite overwhelming...Read More
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Turning the Tide: Strategies for Coaches to Overcome Unmet Year-End Goals

Incorporate These Strategies and Mindset Shifts to Finish the Year Successfully! As the year draws to a close, many coaches often find themselves reflecting on their performance and assessing whether they have achieved their year-end goals. It can be disheartening, however, when you realize that some of your goals remain unmet. But, it’s important to...Read More

Tips to Overcome the End-of-Summer Slump in Your Coaching Business

As the end of summer approaches, coaches may find themselves facing a dip in motivation and productivity known as the end-of-summer slump. This slump can be attributed to various factors, such as the exhaustion from a busy summer season, the anticipation of upcoming challenges, and the need to transition into a new phase of business...Read More
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AI in Coaching: The Future of Quick Wins and Long-Term Success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, including the coaching industry. The use of AI tools like ChatGPT is transforming the way coaches work, for the better and not the worse, by enabling coaches to work smarter and provide better support and guidance to their clients. In this post, I want to explore the intersection...Read More
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